Every individual need to have time and space to heal
and balance mind, body and spirit.

About Us

It is a pleasure for us to introduce REBORN Massage Batam. REBORN is a family concept health massage centre which is a well known brand in Malaysia & recognized as one of the largest foot reflexology chain in Malaysia. REBORN Massage Batam are remarkable popular strategically located in the heart of Batam city, Indonesia. 1st branch outlet located in Nagoya Hil Shopping Mall Superblock Shophouse & 2nd branch outlet in Penuin Baloi convenience walking distance opposite BCS Mall (A2 Food court).

REBORN offers an atmosphere of relaxation and revitalization with a one-stop health centre for the whole family, at an affordable price. The healing from nature where people can relieve stress and reduce tiredness after doing daily routines. REBORN's vision to help improve health and wellness in an all-natural way through Authentic Foot Reflexology & Signature Body Massage with the combination of Balinese massage, in order to create a healthier generation.



  • Improve the energy flow and blood circulation throughout the body
  • It helps relieve stress & improve sleep quality
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improve Blood Circulation & Concentration
  • Unwind the trapped wind
  • Relieves stiffness muscle & body part


Center of City
service New era of fast paced city busy life, located just off the center hustle and bustle of batam city a must visit for anyone who desires an experience of true ultimate relaxation in the heart of downtown. 2 main branches official located in : Nagoya Hill Mall Superblock & Penuin Center (opposite BCS Mall) with the convenient walk to the shopping center & hotel


Skillfull & Well Trained
service The professional service provider of an excellent professional massage therapist to provide the best services, our professional team are well trained. We strive to deliver an outstanding performance in providing high class services to achieve customer’s satisfaction.


Best Quality with Affordable Price
service Wide variety of massage services & special promos available with the best value of an affordable prices, the professional therapist & remarkable skill are the popular highlight of REBORN.

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Learn to heal and balance your mind, body, and spiritTake a holistic approach to achieve higher greatness and wellness within yourselfand learn to live a more balanced and harmonious life
"We Bring the wellness to the life we touch"
Package A 2 hours Reborn Foot Reflexology+ neck, back and shoulder
Package B 2 hours Tuina signature Body Massage
Package C  2 hours Aromatic Balinese massage + aroma body scrubbing 
Package D 2 hours Reborn Foot Reflexology + aromatic balinese massage
Package E 120 mins Bainese Hotstone Massage+ Organic Beewax Ear Candling 
Package F 120 mins Aromatic Balinese Massage + Organic Beewax Ear Candling
Package G 120 mins Reborn footreflexology+ Cupping/Guasha
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PREMIUM PRODUCTS 99% Virgin Coconut Oil

Serenity Lavender Oil

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Blossom Jasmine Oil

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Awaken Lotus Oil

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Stimulates meridians & acupoint
Improves body posture & flexibility
Support relaxation & Sleep quality
Boost energy & Pain Relief
Strong immune system
Reduces Stress & Enhance mood
Improves body circulation & Energy flow
Reduce risk of heart disease
Lower blood pressure


Improved nerve function
Reduces migraines & headache
Increases blood circulation
Stimulates reflex point
Improves sleep quality
Improves concentration
Improves disgestion
Reduces stress and anxiety
Deep relaxation
Speed Healing



Ruko Penuin Center Blok RB No. 5-6
(Behind REBORN Penuin Row) View on map
+62 778 4888 463
Business Hour:
Mon - Sat : 10.00 AM - 11.00 PM
sunday : 09.00AM-11.00 PM


Nagoya Hill Superblok R3-i6 & i7
(Beside Nagoya Hill Mall) View on map
+62 778 749 3655
Business Hour:
Mon - Sat : 10.00 AM - 11.00 PM
sunday : 09.00AM-11.00 PM


Ruko Penuin blok R-1
(Opposite BCS Mall) View on map
+62 778 429 432
+62 811 3967 778
Business Hour:
Mon - Sat : 10.00 AM - 11.00 PM
sunday : 09.00AM-11.00 PM